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Need a Drain Cleaned in Long Beach?

Are you having issues with your home drains in Long Beach?
If you are, you're not alone. Most homeowners in the area have experienced some kind of plumbing issue related to a clog. It's easy for your home drains to become clogged over time with food, debris, hair, grease and other objects that are prone to filling your pipes or attaching to the sides -- making it difficult for water to flow freely through your entire system. The problem is that drain clogs can begin anywhere in your piping system. You never know where a clog is going to start -- and that's why it's so important to have your piping system maintained every year and to get your drains cleared regularly. 

What Are Some Common Drain Problems?

As professionals in this business, we've seen a lot of drain clogs -- some more difficult than others, and that's why you've got to call in experts when you have a backup. You want to clear the drain as quickly as possible so you don't have dirty water backing up in your sink or bathtub -- something that regularly happens and leaves your sink or tub unusable until the line is cleared. Here are a few common difficult clogs we see:

When you begin to see your sink or bathtub fill with dirty water, you may be tempted to run out and buy a drain de-clogging solution from your local grocery store or market. These solutions can take care of a drain clog in the interim -- but rarely do they get rid of big clogs. Remnants of the clog often remain -- and worse yet, you could cause long-term damage to your piping system, depending on what kinds of pipes you have, when you use them over time. 

Instead of causing potential damage to your pipes and spending your hard-earned money on solutions that don't work in the long-term, call our Long Beach plumbers today. Our expert, licensed team is ready to help you -- and they have the safe and effective tools to clear your drain line so that there isn't a clog in sight anywhere in your system. 

Are There Clues I Can Look Out For to Know I Have a Drain Issue?

Yes, there are. One of the key indicators that something is not right in your drain system is not only what you see -- standing water -- but what you smell. If your bathtub or sink is emitting a regular, foul odor and you haven't been able to get that fresh scent even after cleaning these areas -- then it is possible something is stuck in your drain. 

Whether it's sewage or food that is trapped -- we can clean your drain quickly and effectively with our drain cleaning service. We clear your line and we inspect your sewer trap to make sure it isn't standing open. If your sewer trap, for example, is stuck open it actually could be emitting harmful gasses that you want to contain within the system. Our expert plumbers can repair your trap door and get your drain smelling fresh again.

What About Sewer Issues? Can You Help?

As expert plumbers, we're not afraid of sewer problems. We have a sewer hydro-jetting service that implements high-pressure water in your drain piping system to effectively clean out the insides of the pipe. Sometimes roots get into your pipes, creating clogs and other hard deposits that need tough scoring. With sewer hydro-jetting, we can get the diameter of your pipe back to its original so that water and sewage can flow freely.

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